Arena Inos incineration of waste water sludge



The fast-growing amounts of waste, the decreasing availability of dumping landfills and the increasing cost of electricity have led governments to pass laws designed to discourage or prohibit dumping and combustion in traditional furnaces and evolve towards waste2energy plants.

A sustainable development approach for a better future, requires that the global concept of “waste” is replaced by a concept of "waste as a resource”.

The Arena Inos (INcineration Of Sludge) team is convinced that organisations or companies  that implement advanced waste management systems are the sustainable companies and organisations of the future.


Arena Inos has gathered technical knowledge and experience, working with experts in the field of waste management, the waste market and fluidized sand bed technologies, Arena Comet

Arena Inos is specialized in on-site and cost-effective solutions for processing sludge from industrial waste water plants and from municipal waste water treatment plants in compliance with environmental and local legal requirements. The so-called sand bed is tailor made to process the daily amount of sludge. 

The energy produced from the combustion of waste water sludge can be used for generating electricity.

Arena Inos installations are standard equipped with flue gas treatment installations.

Arena Inos offers a long-term waste management solution by processing local waste streams in an economical and environmentally friendly manner and transforming it into a valuable source of energy.